If you are reading this then you’re probably wondering what the heck Cambrian Comics is and what this strange looking comic strip is.  To put it simply Cambrian Comics was founded on the idea that comics matter, that the medium has the potential to be bigger and better then it already is. The Cambrian Explosion was a moment in history where new life blossomed and we hope to create our own explosion of new and original creative thought and artistic output.

The Secret Lives of Villains is the first step in this venture.  The comic itself is about the day to day lives of the villains that fight the eponymous hero and you can discover more in the “About” section.  On top of that we have a blog series where we will be talking about everything comic book and geek related from Superman to Game of Thrones.  We have a wonderfully talented team working on this comic and I promise this comic will be a wild, crazy, and hilarious ride.

So if you like what we have to offer and you want to help start something big then sit back, relax follow us on Facebook and Twitter (we also run a Tumblr blog), and enjoy the ride.