Crowdfunded Comics that deserve more attention #6: The Firelight Isle

Today we are going to talk about a project on Patreon called The Firelight Isle.


The comic follows the lives of two children who live in a fantastical universe that seems to combine elements of medieval fantasy with a strange and mysterious religion that dominates everyday life and has a strange fascination with the color blue.  While the boy is determined to join the religious order that guards the temple the girl has quite a few reservations and expresses her doubts about the whole thing.

The comic is brought to us by UK artist and animator Paul Duffield, who has done work for everyone from the BBC to NASA.  You can see his work on his website here.  The Patreon campaign is created so he can finish drawing the artwork for an already completed script.

Patreon campaign:

Why I like it





I like to think of myself as someone who prefers good storytelling over good artwork but this…this looks like it came out of a Miyazaki movie.

The story is presented in an interesting way as well.  Instead of drawing it like a traditional comic book with 3-6 panels per page, each page here is one continuous ribbon that takes care of a substantial part of the plot so every page is an amazing work of art on its own.

I should also mention that Paul is also an animator and it shows.  Here’s a Youtube trailer for a previous Indiegogo campaign he launched in 2012 and it is amazing.

Why you should fund this comic

You’ll notice that I haven’t done much talking about the plot or story.  That’s because there are only four completed pages on the website at the moment since each page is an incredible work of art and takes quite a bit of time to produce.  You’ll also notice that the author did launch a successful Indiegogo campaign a few years ago.  However, this kind of project takes up an incredible amount of time and while he was able to finish the script the artwork remains the most tedious and time consuming part.  Then again, with such high quality art like this


I personally think it is worth it.

Patreon campaign link:

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