Cambrian Comics Friday showcase: The Art of James Beihl

Today is the day Cambrian Comics tries something new.  This is the first (of hopefully many) posts were we get to showcase the art and work of other great artists who deserve more attention.  Today we’re going to showcase the work of a friend of mine: Jame Beihl.  James has been working as a comic book artist on a graphic novel called Abandon All Hope and is  an artist for Wayward Raven Media. Below is a collection of James’ work presented without context or unnecessary words.  Enjoy!






ForceAwakens (1)

If you like what you see and want to show James your appreciation feel free to drop him a line on Twitter @jbcomics and make sure to follow Abandon All Hope on Facebook and Twitter.

Also, if you are an artist or an author who wants a little free publicity make sure to let us know by dropping us a message on Facebook, leave a comment below, or hit us up on Twitter @cambriancomics.

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