Cambrian Comics Friday showcase: The art of Rebecca Currell

Today we are going to showcase the art and work of Rebecca Currell.  If that name sounds familiar on this site it’s probably because she’s the letterer for our webcomic “The Secret Lives of Villains”.  That being said, while lettering is an important job it’s not a very good opportunity to show off any other work you might be doing, which is a shame because while Rebecca is a great letterer she is also an amazing artist and animator.

As before we will present the art of this showcase without commentary or description so you can sit back and enjoy the art for what it is.

last nights work

me new


Walter white

deadpool spaceship

If you like the art work that you see and would like to share your thoughts please feel free to check out and like Rebecca’s Facebook page for her art here:

And as always, if you are an artist, writer, or otherwise creative person and want your work showcase on this site free of charge, please let me know.

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