About this comic

This comic was created to answer one simple burning question about superhero comics: what happens to the villain?  Oh sure the comic book industry is loaded with tales from the criminal’s point of view, their struggles, their tortured misunderstood psyches, but what about normal day to day life?  Like…what do the villains do on their days off?  Do they have families?  Do they pay bills and mortgages?  What do they do when their neighbor’s dog takes a dump on their front lawn and doesn’t pick it up?  And what really goes on behind the scenes after the hero has defeated the villain in the epic confrontation?

Cast (in order of appearance):

Mark Evilson aka “The Destructinator”:


Mark is an aspiring super villain and the protagonist of the series.  A 15 year old technical genius Mark is kind of villain who can make a force field generator out of a battery and bits of copper wire, which is good because that’s all he can really afford.  Despite being an evil genius there are still rules that Mark has to abide by, rules that force him to cobble together his own gadgets and make his own costumes (just because he’s a genius doesn’t mean he can sew).  Determined, ambitious, and ready to face the world in a way only a teenager can Mark will not rest until he is a known and respected villain.

Captain Hero:


The city’s current hero and perpetual thorn in the side of respectable villains everywhere.  Big, strong, practically invulnerable, and capable of flight Captain Hero is worshiped by those who don’t know him and laughed at by the people who do.  Seriously, the man is dumb, really dumb.  Since his entire life has been planned, coached, and catered the good Captain hasn’t had an original thought since elementary school.  Even his name was group tested and assigned to him.  Still, when duty calls and the city needs saving Captain Hero will be there, even if it’s only to throw a few punches and look good for the cameras.

Joan Evilson:


Mark’s mother and voice of common sense.  Joan is actually a former supervillain herself, at one point she was one of the deadliest assassins in the world.  After a long and successful career Joan decided she wanted a calmer and more stable life, so she decided to settle down and start a family.  She is an expert in poisons, chemical warfare, espionage, firearms, and close combat…she also makes some of the best cookies in Metroville.  Despite her commitment to a more normal life she still remains supportive of her son’s criminal aspirations and isn’t afraid to open a can of whoop ass on anyone who threatens her home and family…especially the home owner’s association.


PureeFinal (1)

Puree is the sentient robotic companion of Mark, he is also a blender.  There really isn’t much of a point to talking about his origin seeing as we’re going to give his creation its own story line but all you need to know for now is that he helps out around the house, he makes a mean strawberry banana smoothie, and he enjoys reading Shakespeare’s sonnets.

Stay tuned and keep reading, more characters will be arriving on this page soon.

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