The creative team

Matthew Blair: Writer, Creator, and wearer of many hats

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Matthew is the creator and writer of this little web comic and has accepted his inevitable spiral into insanity the minute he realized he was describing himself in the third person.  Matthew graduated from Stetson University in 2012 with a degree in History and decided to start writing comics in order to prove that History was good for something other than teaching.  This is his first foray into the world of comic writing and production.

When he is not busy working Matthew is either reading comics (at the time of writing he is currently buried in Brian Azzarello’s 100 Bullets and Adam Warren’s Empowered) or smashing his face into the keyboard trying to figure out the finer points of WordPress.

Frankie B. Washington: Artist, colorist, and master of infinite patience


Frankie is the artist providing all the wonderful drawings you will see over the coming months.  After graduating from the Butera School of Art in 1991 he embarked on an epic 23 year freelance career, including but not limited to:

Animation (Olive Jar Studios)

Trading Cards (Sunstone Games)

Movies (Miramax Studios)

Advertising (Digitas LBI)

Comics (he is the co creator and artist of Robot God Akamatsu, a graphic novel published by Zetabella and available on Amazon)

Frankie currently resides in Rhode Island and when he is not hard at work creating insanely high quality art for his clients he spends his time being inspired by his writer muse Jessica and his black cat Shadow.

Rebecca Currell: Letterer, British, and animation guru


Rebecca is the letterer on this project, without her our characters would have nothing to say.  She graduated in 2011 with an animation degree and is currently employed as a 2D animator for an e-learning company.  Rebecca is a newcomer to the business world of comics but she is currently available for commissions and is relishing the challenge so far.  In her spare time she enjoys Deadpool and Flash comics, baking, and attending festivals.

2 thoughts on “The creative team

  1. Could I use your brooding batman image for my music album?
    Willing to negotiate 🙂
    I am in school right finishing up a bachelors degree….


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